quick-start Guide


Click Login in the bottom-right of your web site page to go to the editor login screen. Enter your site password to login.

The site editing App will load in a few seconds.

Home Screen

On the home screen you can add and remove blocks and site pages.

Click the search button in the edit panel to go back to the home screen.

Add a Block

Click Add Blocks on the Home Panel, or click Blocks in the top toolbar.

You can filter by block type, to add a block click Add under the block you'd like to add, the block will be added to the end of the current site page.

Re-order Blocks

Select the block you'd like to move.

Click the Up or Down arrows in the top toolbar to move the block up or down the page.

Edit Block

Select the block you'd like to edit.

The options for the block are displayed in the edit panel. Edit text directly on the item, or using the text input. Enable different aspects of the block component.

Select Image

Click Select Image in the edit panel.

On the select screen, click on the image you'd like to use, then click Set File. You can upload images in the file browser to use in your site.

Block Options

Blocks have different options based on block type.

Enable Animation, set the height, Color and Content.

Copy / Paste

Copy & Paste Blocks between site pages.

Select a block and Click Copy then go to the page you'd like to paste to and click Paste from the top toolbar.

Site Menu

Click the site menu to show the Nav Options.

Select a Menu Style. Add / Remove Pages and Sub Pages.

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